Being Social

Today much is said about the need and use of social media to drive business performance.  There is no question it has its place.

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Do you have ideas for sponsoring holes at a charity golf tournament?

Be sure and sit on the hole–not just sponsor it. Couple ideas:

  1. Set up a couple of croquet wickets as a putting course on the tee and have the teams “putt through” while they wait to go. Video and/or photograph. Show these in the clubhouse later.
  2. Have each foursome drive marshmallows while they are waiting. Farthest drive gets a prize from you–visor, club cover, etc. Be sure to take photos of every foursome and then frame and hand deliver after the event.

Your Brand is More Than an Image

Customers have changed how they decide with whom to do business. They are eagerly seeking out businesses of conviction and purpose. Customers want a business that believes so strongly in what it can provide that it’s willing to make a clear, buyer-centric promise of outcome — up front, unconditional, and unqualified.

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