Research–based Keynote Presentations that “Deliver Changes in Mindsets and Skill Sets”

by C. Richard Weylman CSP, CPAE

In each inspiring presentation, Richard delivers prescriptive strategies, clear examples and actionable tactics that will reshape the thinking and actions of audience members.  As a Hall of Fame inducted Keynote Speaker, Richard’s messages are fully customized to your industry, audience and event. In addition, workshops and detailed follow-up breakouts on these topics are also available for the audience at the conference.

So, WHY Should I do Business with YOU?

No longer is being “different” enough to stand out in the marketplace. Today’s buyer engages based upon the overarching distinctive value they perceive you offer. Based on his current CEO Read’s bestseller, The Power of Why – Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace, Richard demonstrates how prospects define value NOW. Most importantly, he provides innovative strategies and proven tactics that reduce fee, price and competitive pressures. Every audience member will be able to communicate the unique advantages their products or services deliver from the buyer’s perspective.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • How do you currently answer the question, WHY should I do business with YOU?
  • The importance of having the RIGHT position and answer so that you can tell “Your Story.”
  • How to position yourself and your business so that qualified people WANT to engage.
  • Closing the value gap so that your recommendations resonate as THE solution they seek.
  • Communicating the EMOTIONAL value of your offerings so fee or price pressures are significantly reduced.

Leading Your Organization into the Future

Leading a multi-generational – full, part time or volunteer workforce – while increasing productivity, profitability and improving the customer experience are just a few of the issues facing every leader. Whether they are CEO, president, department head, or team leader, these issues require each to see their role through a different lens. The lens of the individuals they lead and the external customers they ultimately serve.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • The clarity of organizational vision to ensure every team member, regardless of their role, is working with a true sense of purpose to fulfill it.
  • The clarity of organizational vision to ensure every team member, regardless of their role, is working with a true sense of purpose to fulfill it.
  • Key insight and actionable steps to communicate more effectively with today’s team members.
  • Proven steps needed to craft an employee-driven, customer-centric culture.
  • A clear process for all audience members to assess how they currently lead and where they need to improve.

How to Elevate the Customer Experience to Set Yourself Apart

At a time when products, processes and platforms are increasingly commoditized, an elevated experience is now a key part of how customers and prospects assess and determine value. No longer is it enough to be transactionally efficient, every sales professional and by extension their firm, needs to deliver an end-to-end elevated experience to set themselves apart from all others. The key components that consumers verbalize when asked what constitutes an elevated experience and the actionable tactics to execute are detailed.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • Why good, great or even personal service is no longer enough to retain their business
  • Why good, great or even personal service is no longer enough to retain their business.
  • How a client or prospect’s overall experience is NOW an integral part of their perception of real and perceived value.
  • Why an elevated experience illustrates a relational approach over a transactional approach.
  • Why delivering an elevated experience becomes a very clear point of distinction from other firms and sales professionals.
  • How to elevate your customers experience and create emotional chemistry, stronger relationships, repeat business and brand advocacy.

Creating a Business of Distinction

Based upon empirical research, Richard identifies the four key business components that consumers and business buyers say sets a business apart so that it is perceived as distinct from all others in the community. Using that research as a backdrop, Richard details how attendees can expand their vision for their business and position themselves distinctly in their community so that it is authentically received. In addition, he gives actionable insight on how to elevate the customer experience so that attendees truly become known as the business or team of choice.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • The power of vision and its importance in strategic decision making.
  • The need for distinct marketplace positioning and the path to authentic distinction.
  • How to clearly articulate and influence outcomes.
  • Why the experience of the customer drives their loyalty.

How to Proactively Move Your Business to an Even Higher Level

The ongoing changes in the marketplace and with customer demands are a given. To be effective in the current environment requires each sales professional and executive to move ahead strategically and not just tactically. Richard speaks to how to scale and process needed changes in a high performing business. Using real world examples, Richard illustrates how very successful people can find new levels of commitment to themselves and their business.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • How to overcome the obstacles to growth.
  • The need for and process of crafting a renewed vision.
  • The pathway to openness to adopting new approaches and ideas.
  • The commitment needed to be willing and transparent to find continual improvement.

How to Grow Your Business in Today’s Marketplace

This presentation, specifically for sales professionals, speaks to the empirical research that 87% of individuals belong to some organization that supports what they do for a living, recreation or their special interest. Consequently, Richard delivers specific strategies and prescriptive tactics they can use to target and acquire more of the right customers.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • How to duplicate your best customers.
  • The key to move comfortably from meeting people to meeting with people.
  • How to gain warm introductions not just referral names.
  • Essential tactics to improve marketplace visibility.

Given the tactical actions Richard delivers in this presentation, many clients have asked for a handout for attendees so they can capture every tactic to execute this message.

Cultivating Meaningful Relationships with Prospects and Buyers

With this presentation, your attendees will deepen their understanding of what influences and creates a sustainable connection with today’s buyer. Prospects and customers today have many choices and as a result now look for both competency and true chemistry with their sales professional. Richard’s ongoing research and keen insight into the 21st century customer’s mindset will provide attendees with the knowledge that chemistry is both functional and emotional. It far exceeds just “building rapport.” Every attendee will capture practical actions they can use immediately to connect emotionally and functionally with customers and prospects.

Specifically, this keynote presentation addresses:

  • The six psychological needs that influence buyer behavior.
  • Practical processes to remove buyer fear, uncertainty and doubt about your solutions.
  • Relevant points to capture on every customer to cultivate and leverage their relationship.
  • How customers reference their psychological needs when making a purchase decision.