Business plans for the New Year too often fall into the same category as New Years’ Resolutions – well-intentioned but soon deemed too difficult to execute. New plans, like resolutions, will not be fulfilled with a new year, but with a new you! No matter what type of business or organization you are in, to execute in today’s economy requires that you first personally examine two areas.


1. Your Personal & Professional Lexicon

Frequently I hear things such as, “We are trying to move ahead,” or “I am trying to execute.” The word “try”, in and of itself, lacks determination and commitment. Trying suggests that it will happen but if obstacles occur that you can’t foresee, you may not reach your objectives. In all our offices we have a mantra we encourage all clients and friends of the firm to adopt. It is, “Try is dead, will do killed it.” Using “we will move ahead” as your execution lexicon encourages your team members. Most importantly, it also creates a mindset that you will execute regardless of unforeseen obstacles.

2. Purpose in Yourself to Practice Self-Discipline vs. Self-Indulgence

To execute brilliantly the distinctions between the two creates a remarkably different mindset and outcomes. Here is an illustration to help you “see” this important change in you.


Self-Indulgence is:
 You THINK about how
 You FEEL and decide whether you want/can/should execute, then
 You decide whether to ACT or not and
 You worry about the CONSEQUENCES later.
Alternatively: Self-Discipline is:
 You THINK about the
 CONSEQUENCES if you do or don’t execute
 You decide to take ACTION (with the consequences in mind) and
 FEEL good about your progress.


By first adjusting your lexicon and then purposing in yourself to practice self-discipline vs. self-indulgence you are equipped to fight through or around the obstacles that often prevent the elevation of business or personal performance in today’s chaotic environment.

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