July 1st marks the 182nd day of the year and with 183 to go this is the perfect time to assess where you are now and where you’re going the rest of this year. Honest assessment is critical to hold yourself accountable to what you expected to accomplish during this business season. In business just as in sports, adjustments made now will determine what you will do the rest of the season.

It is easy to focus on what you have done right and the wins you have had, but winning seasons are also about understanding where you need to improve. Sure there are plenty of things unforeseen or out of your control that affect your success, but as my good friend & fellow Hall of Fame speaker W.Mitchell (who spends his days in a wheel chair) says, “It’s not what happens to you it is what you do about it.”

During the next week print out this tip & write down the answers to the following questions and when you complete them ask yourself, how is this working for you?

1) What is your new revenue goal for 2014?

2) What is your actual new revenue received now?

3) How many new clients do you plan to bring onboard in 2014?

4) How many new clients are actually onboard now?

5) What marketing events to reach new prospects are you planning to do in 2014?

6) How many events have you completed and what have been the results?

7) What specific niche markets are you planning to penetrate in 2014?

8) What progress have you made in each niche?

9) How much time were you planning to invest in out of the office marketing and prospecting in 2014?

10) What is the actual time you have spent based on a review of your calendar for the past 5 ½ months?

With this assessment you will have a true picture of where you are now, halfway through the season. For many you likely are on track for a winning season, maybe your best yet. For others you will recognize a winning season is well within reach by making specific improvements. No matter in which  place you find yourself , to ensure the second half is better than the first constant incremental improvement in your game is essential for long term success.

Yes it is easy to be self-indulgent and find reasons why things are not as you planned or self-congratulatory for all you have achieved but never forget complacency leads to mediocrity which almost always leads to disaster.

 GM, Kmart, Sears, Lehman Brothers, Circuit City ,Kodak are just a few examples of successful ventures that had it all and never saw reasons to improve. Don’t let their fate be yours.

Take your gift for business and polish it. It is time to adjust and hit this year out of the park!

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