Tuesday 08 June 2010

Here is a great acronym to use when speaking with clients. If you are having a hard time convincing them to set priorities and stay on target, tell them their “fate is in their own hands”. F-A-T-E being:

Talk about their need to “focus” to stay on track with what they want to accomplish in the future. Without focus they are just stumbling in the dark with no clear direction. They must also establish some “accountability” in their efforts. They should have someone outside (you) asking the hard questions designed to keep them moving forward with their plans. It is very important to “track results” otherwise there is no way to know whether or not they are accomplishing anything. And, most importantly, they must commit to “executing” what they say they are going to do, such as consistently fund their plans. Without a firm commitment to execute, it is impossible to move forward and accomplish anything!

Adapted from Dick Harris, coach for Richard Weylman, Inc.

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