Tuesday 12 January 2010

Once you’ve determined how and with whom you want to expand, you can position yourself with the right centers of influence in your chosen markets. By this I mean the leaders—executive directors, presidents, board members, or other professionals such as attorneys and bankers—who support and work in the markets you’ve chosen.

The next step: Raise and exceed your clients’ expectations. Again, your focus should be on building long-term relationships, not executing transactions. Use as a model the average hourly employee at every Ritz-Carlton hotel, who receives 240 hours per year of education on topics such as service, decorum, presentation, and communication. The Ritz knows that elevating client experiences, not just service, in every area is crucial to their marketing strategy because it creates delighted advocates who help build and sustain the brand’s image of luxury and excellence. In contrast, the average sales professional reads only one book a year on marketing and elevating client experiences, according to Sales Management Magazine.

Communication will also be crucial to growth in 2010. Resolve to engage in open, proactive and interactive communication with all your clients and prospects throughout the New Year. Remember that people who entrust you with their portfolios need reassurance and connectivity. If you don’t have a communication plan in place, get one. If you already have a plan, update it so that if and when there’s another downturn, you’re prepared to keep clients informed, lessening the risk of defection.

Finally, stay committed to quality advice by knowing and then integrating your core values into your practice. Seriously consider involving yourself in charitable organizations that support your targeted markets, building both credibility and visibility for your practice.

Taking personal responsibility and accountability for improving your success in the affluent market requires having a clear vision for your business that will help you achieve specific goals, grow your practice, and make your vision a reality in 2010 and beyond.

To make these steps come alive, be sure to attend one of my upcoming REGIONAL CONFERENCES! My entire team and I will be there to help you execute brilliantly in 2010.

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