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Seriously consider Richard Weylman CSP, CPAE, main platform speaker, author of a current best seller and frequent media commentator for your next meeting, convention or upcoming conference. WHY? Watch this Live 3 Minute Video of Richard Weylman

Here are four of Richard’s presentation topics that are currently game changers for audiences;

* The Rules of Engagement to Break Out in a Competitive Marketplace, based on his latest best-selling book, The Power of Why and currently selected as one of the top 10 business books so far this year and a CEORead best-seller.

This main platform message keys off of a fundamental change of 21st century business: the shift in power from “the seller” to “the buyer”.  It will change your audience’s thinking on WHY people choose their business and WHY they actually buy. This presentation demonstrates and delivers specific actions they can take immediately to break out and win more business.

 * The Race to the Bottom; Avoiding the Pricing Wars

In this powerful presentation Richard demonstrates why joining the race to the bottom in pricing or fees reduces value to zero and permanently erodes marketplace positioning. Regardless of the products or services your audience sells or to whom they sell, he clearly illustrates how to articulate their value from the buyer’s perspective and overcome price or fee compression.

*  Elevating the Customer Experience

The ability to deliver on the expectation customers have of an elevated experience is a key cornerstone for creating word of mouth and a business distinct from all others. Richard delivers a passionate and actionable message on how to effectively elevate the customer experience and create a base of delighted advocates.

* Understanding Today’s Buyer and the Psychology That Drives Their Decisions

In this main platform presentation your audience will deepen their understanding of what influences and shapes the decisions of today’s buyer. Whether selling business to consumer or business to business, Richard’s keen insight into the 21st century ‘s  customer mindset will give them the actionable edge they need to generate more business and strengthen client/customer relationships.

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We look forward to changing the game for you and your audience

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