Tuesday 16 November 2010

People want a clear understanding of the value delivered. There is much emphasis today on corporate branding and appropriate promotion. Both miss the mark here. Today, with the competition growing more fierce daily and the commoditization of the industry, one must focus and deliver a clear unique value proposition.

Your Unique Value Proposition should be viewed as your doctrine, your policy regarding clients and prospects. It is meant to clearly communicate what it is you do for others, while at the same time creating curiosity about how you do it. Simply put, it becomes your identity in the marketplace.

An effective UVP conveys an understanding of the issues facing target constituents and speaks from their perspective. Further, it succinctly conveys a perception of outcome for prospects and clients. If the outcome/result is obscure or is left up to prospects or clients to decide, it is no longer a declaration of unique value.

Additionally, an effective UVP should elevate your team and the thoughts of the target constituents by emotionally connecting to their issues.

Watch for Part II next week!

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