Volatile, chaotic, wild, unpredictable, all words to describe current market conditions.
However, the best descriptive word for an advisor is opportunity! This is an opportunity to solidify existing relationships and to enhance the value of your value!

Today you should proactively call your best clients and listen. That’s right, listen. Today is not just about what you have to say, rather it is focusing on both the economic and emotional security of clients. Call them and:

1.  Tell them “I am calling to first let you know I have been watching your account and tracking the market. However, before I get into any details I want to answer the questions and concerns you have!”

This empathetic approach enables them to connect and talk about security issues,both economic and emotional. After they have shared their issues and concerns.

2. Then always ask ” What else is concerning you right now?” Be quiet and listen.

3. Only after listening should you brief them on the world and process as you see it. Take your time and always summarize with “and what this means to you is…”

4. After your high-level briefing follow with ” What questions do you have?”

5. Finally close the call with ” What else can I do for you?”

This approach addresses many psychological needs of your clients. It provides them with a psychological connection to you for meaning, significance, structure and belonging, plus, of course emotional and economic security.

This is your time to shine. From this will come many opportunities to capture new clients from advisors who aren’t proactively calling their clients, “Because I don’t know what to say.”
Using the scripting here lets clients have their say, which is what really matters most.

Knock ’em alive!


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