As you read this I will be in Alaska fishing with clients, both of whom celebrate their birthday this week. I didn’t plan to be here for their birthdays, it just coincides with a speaking engagement I have in Anchorage tomorrow.

It is a great time to be in Alaska with nearly 24 hours of sunshine and temperatures that are by most residents’ accounts, downright balmy. When my clients heard I would be in town they quickly offered me a day of fishing in the Alaskan wild. They promised they knew of several great fishing holes and guarantee plenty of fish on the line or as they called it “tight lines.” My previous trips to Alaska have taught me that good fishing there like anywhere requires local knowledge of the right fishing holes.

The same is true in your business; good access to quality prospects requires local knowledge and real focus on specific “fishing holes.” Too often marketing and prospecting is all about fishing around all over the marketplace hoping to catch a good prospect.

Just as it is important to know where the fish are when you drop a line in the water, so too is it important to know where you will be marketing and prospecting.

A few facts:

  • The mass affluent market no longer exists; instead, today the marketplace is a mass of niches/targets/vertical markets.
  • Being in the Marketplace is easy but being found is not.
  • Prospects congregate and know one another  based upon what they do for a living; what they do for recreation; or the type of family, charitable, ethnic, cultural, or religious interests they have.

With these facts in hand you can choose the right fishing holes, increase your marketing and prospecting success and ensure you have tight lines.


Ask your 10-15 best clients or prospects (yes, they love to talk about themselves):

1)      What associations or groups do they belong to that support what they do for a living?

2)      In what recreational clubs are they active?

3)      What special interests do they have and what organizations are they members of that support that interest?

Capture this information and realize that in every organization they belong to there are likely more people just like them. Then to find your fishing holes select 2-3 of the groups and put your marketing and prospecting efforts there. Just be sure you choose a group where you have similar interests or passions and at least some local knowledge. As an example, there is nothing worse than choosing people in the equine market if you’re not into horses.

I can assure you that this approach will help you focus your efforts and increase your marketing & prospecting success. Most importantly you will have plenty of “tight lines.” So go fish!

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