Tuesday 09 February 2010

Enough data has been collected, articles written, surveys taken to clearly illustrate that a definitive change has occurred in the affluent person’s mindset and decision making process since the meltdown. The economy, the market, and the future outlook has, metaphorically, locked into place a different set of parameters to gain access to and build trust with high quality prospects.

Thus, many of the old “keys” to success simply don’t unlock opportunities as they once did. As a result, new “keys” must be used to grow your practice and to retain clients – new keys such as demonstrating a genuine interest in the people, not just if they have money or a pre-judged need for your services. Or, believing that the articulation of your qualifications is compelling enough to open doors. Even the old key of “good service” no longer unlocks opportunities.

Today’s affluent want a much different approach and an elevated level of total experience from first contact to ongoing communication. Ask yourself – are you learning, implementing or, if you will, cutting the new keys to unlock growth opportunities? Doors of opportunity stand ready to be unlocked but only to those who re-engineer and re-tool using the new keys to growth. If you have done so, congratulations – a bright future is in store for you! However, if you are determined to know more and do more to unlock the future, spend a day with my team and me at one of our February Regional Conferences.

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