Tuesday 31 August 2010

Sam Silverstein, author of No More Excuses, says that, “Some people achieve extraordinary things in life; others do not. The difference between the two groups lies in accountability.” Too many people view accountability as a negative rather than a positive. Utilizing accountability in the right way can give you a competitive advantage in business and in life. Here are some areas we need to be accountable in and how to achieve that accountability:

  1. Be accountable ethically. We all need to have a specific code of ethics and be held accountable to follow that code.
  2. Be accountable for working toward your goals. Share your goals and plans for reaching those goals with someone else and have them keep you accountable for moving forward on those goals.
  3. Be accountable for continuing to press on even when obstacles present themselves. Never say die!
  4. Be accountable for having clear and achievable expectations. Discuss your expectations with the others involved to be sure your expectations are challenging but also attainable.

Effective implementation of goals and plans is not completely possible without accountability. But don’t view accountability as a negative, or a punishment, but rather as mile markers on the road to success!

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