Tuesday 21 June 2011

Our business, like every business, is unique. Yet we have found that successful businesses regardless of industry, product or service offered have key tenets or principles of operation. It is just as important that they are published, posted, practiced and are purposeful.
We recently coached a very successful team who has a clear set of tenets or, if you will, values. Everyone on their team supports and practices these values daily.

Over the years, I have collected several from various business owners and leaders that I admire.

Here is our list:

What’s on yours?

Our Commandments for a Successful Enterprise

Thou shalt not exaggerate, nor posture, nor conceal . . . be it dollars, facts, concepts or thoughts.
Thou shalt not stand falsely on principle or pride.
Thou shalt not draw false lines in the sand.
Thou shalt get to know the other side personally.
Thou shalt try to understand the other side’s position and accommodate where possible.
Thou shalt both seek and provide clarity.
Thou shalt be consummately patient.
Thou shalt be instantaneously responsive to all requests.
Thou shalt believe, respond and act at all times assuming the other side is of goodwill and dealing in good faith.
Thou shalt, above all else, act ethically and professionally.

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