Tuesday 14 September 2010

With all the challenges that financial professionals face in today’s economic climate, it can be very difficult to stay positive and productive.

Here are some simple ideas to help you stay focused on what is truly important without getting overwhelmed with the less important details:

  1. Take a few minutes at the end of the day to prepare for your next day. This can keep us from feeling overwhelmed when we arrive in the morning. By planning ahead of time we can accomplish the most crucial activities first. These are the things that absolutely must be done that day.
  2. Life isn’t fair – so get over it! Everyone, everyday experiences situations that are just not fair. If you absolutely have to feel sorry for yourself, only allow a few seconds for that feeling and then move on.
  3. Find something positive to focus on. Negativity not only hurts you, but also those around you. Others are drawn to someone who is positive because it helps them feel better about their own situations.
  4. Take care of yourself. It’s difficult to maintain a positive outlook when you are feeling poorly. Be sure you get plenty of exercise, plenty of sleep and follow a healthy diet.
  5. Avoid those people who are always negative. Make a mental list of those people who “bring you down” and avoid them whenever possible.
  6. Reward yourself in little ways and big ways. You should allow yourself little rewards on a daily basis. These can be simple things like a small treat, five minutes with your feet up, reading a daily joke or devotion, etc. We also need big rewards to look forward to, such as a weekend getaway either alone or with family, a spa day, a special night out, etc. This takes planning!
  7. Help your staff to stay positive and productive also by rewarding them on a regular basis. In our office, we order lunch once a week and, setting aside everything business related, take time to relax and connect with each other over a casual lunch.

These ideas are actually very simple to implement, but can make a great impact on staying positive and productive. Apply at least some of these right away and see the difference is makes in your life!

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