If you are not spending time out in the marketplace promoting yourself and your business, rest assured someone else is out there promoting theirs. To be effective it is important to know and realize being everywhere is easy, being found is not!
Consequently, it is essential you segment your business and spend time where your best prospects and customers network and communicate. Being something specific to fewer people is more powerful than being a nobody to many people. Success today requires connecting with new people like your best customers. Thus, examine your top 15-20 customers. Where do they network with others like them? It may be a business association or professional society. Or a recreational or special interest (charitable, cultural or ethnic) group or club.

Target those organizations and be seen. Get involved in committees and functions that give you visibility with customers and prospects alike. Invest your time expanding your contacts and network to reach the unknowns. Too often money is spent in lieu of time with people with whom you do business or could be doing business. Yet because friend-raising precedes fundraising in this social world spending time far outweighs spending money.

However, to do so requires avoiding “creative avoidance.” There is always something that can replace spending time in the marketplace. We all know what they are and have our favorites, but, suffice to say getting busy being busy is not the same as being proactively productive. So invest enough time to get to where you want to be, not just enough time to justify where you are now.

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