Tuesday 02 February 2010

Despite high expectations, you can disappoint yourself and others by quitting, by not pulling hard or harder than other winners or by giving into fear or complacency.

To achieve greater success in life or in business and avoid disappointing yourself and others who count on you – practice self-discipline rather than self-indulgence. What is the difference and how do you stay disciplined? Here is a key thought process:

Self-indulgence says: I will think → About how I feel →Decide if I will act or not → and worry about the consequences later.
Self-discipline says: I will think → About the consequences → Decide what action to take → and feel good about my decision.

Taking personal responsibility and accountability to elevate your success is a choice each has to make. Yes we all experience losses, defeat, rejection and uncertainty. However, if you learn from your mistakes, avoid confusing the terms “fair” and “equal” and practice self-discipline, you will take your business and yourself to a whole new level.

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After all, there is a consequence if you do or if you don’t!

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