In today’s commoditized environment, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Further, consumers at all economic levels are skeptical and cautious. They have been recipients of a relentless barrage of marketing approaches that are laden with business-centric or offering-centric messages. As a result, they are increasingly non-respondent to most marketing, sales, and even service initiatives. What is working for businesses enjoying steady growth is a fresh consumer/client-centric approach to all aspects of business messages. No longer do consumers look for or respond to an old school Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as a reason to do business. Instead, today they look for and respond to a promise of value and outcome. Successful businesses, during these past several tough economic years, have recognized this and are messaging a Unique Value Promise (UVP) instead. The results are quantitative. Why? Consumers know the difference between a proposition and a promise. They respond on curiosity and confidence of outcome. Curiosity as to how a company delivers on it’s promise. Confidence that here is a firm that communicates from the consumers perspective and as a result has the consumers best interest at heart.
In Summary:

  • Are you marketing and messaging on a promise as a reason to do business with you?
  • Is your message about you and what you do or is it about the outcome people receive by doing business with you?
  • Are you answering the question “Why should I do business with you?” with a promise? -OR- Are you answering their WHY with the WHAT and HOW of your organization?

Food for Thought: What and How is not the answer to Why.

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