To create an outreach program or to reach other individuals who are influential, consider this:

  1. Identify your best markets (the ones that you’ve chosen) and be sure that it is definable (meaning people in a specific industry, charitable or cultural organizations, recreational clubs, etc.).
  2. Talk to clients who are members of those organizations and/or industrial groups and ask for their help. Be clear that you are looking for help; that you would like to partner with them to have an opportunity to meet people who are influential in the club, organization, association, etc.
  3. Ask them to set up a breakfast or lunch for the two of you and the executive director, partner, president of the organization to meet. The purpose of the breakfast/lunch is so that you can have an opportunity to find out more about the organization to see if you can be a “resource to them.”
  4. When you meet with these individuals, be very clear for that which you are asking. In other words, ask them: How they network? How they communicate? How often they meet? Where they meet? How can I get involved in the organization? How can I provide support to them? What would be the best way to approach individuals? What would be the worst way to approach individuals?

Using these types of questions allows you to connect with the centers of influence using the appropriate approach to build a relationship with them. By aligning yourself with clients and/or good friends that are already in that market, their influence positions you appropriately with the centers of influence. If you want more help with this topic such as setting up a Board of Advisors to introduce you to centers of influence, check out my marketing tip archives on my website:  WWW.RICHARDWEYLMAN.COM. There are many tips I have done on this subject, as well as articles.