Women typically resist prospecting efforts by men if they feel that the effort is just about the transaction and not the building of a deference to having a mutually rewarding relationship. It is important to make a connection—women account for the majority of the business and social growth in the USA today.
To help your young man along:
Ask him how he views the women he is attempting to sell. Listen carefully to his tone and watch his demeanor. Is he demonstrating frustration? List the three things from your experience and own perspective that you think women find most important in a business relationship and support with your reasons. Then ask him to do the same; tell him that you want to compare thoughts on the subject after he completes his list. Also advise him that women will do business with men and women who:
Demonstrate that they care.
Realize that money is an emotional as well as economic issue.
Openly solicit their ideas and opinions. Recognize them as individuals who contribute to our society at many levels.
Provide them with a sense of belonging as in a group of successful women executives.
In the end, if this young man really cannot become comfortable working with women you may have to move on.