Thanks for your note. Here are a few steps/ideas to get you started.

  1. Segment the high net worth clients and prospects in your area and determine where and what they do for a living, recreation and special interests. Use the free segmentation worksheets on my website for this purpose at
  2. Plan your marketing activities so that you are supporting the recreational and special interest groups and events to which they belong. Example: cultural, ethnic, family, charitable, etc.
  3. Carefully select the best organizations in town and volunteer to serve on the financial, fundraising, membership, or welcome committees.
  4. Create a 5-7 person advisory board of clients to advise you on how to build an additional visibility in your best market.
  5. For more ideas check out the various articles on my website:
  6. Read chapters 1-6 of my Book, Opening Closed Doors.
  7. Evaluate all your progress and processes 120 days out and continue to expand activities to grow value and recognition of your brand.
  8. Keep me posted.