Pat, thank you for your inquiry. There are many sources to discover senior events and public health fairs.

  1. Call local chapters of AARP.
  2. Call local churches, synagogues and parishes for senior events they sponsor and that you can sponsor!rn
  3. Call you local public health organizations for dates of seminars and events.rn
  4. Contact your local events newspaper editor and get on their notification list of events.rn
  5. Contact senior clients and ask them where they network with others like themselves. Then contact those organizations for a calendar of events and meetings.
  6. Go to the Internet and scan for events on your city pages/chamber pages.
  7. Contact Gale’s Encyclopedia of Associations at: and acquire their regional directory of associations. Review it carefully and contact all organizations whose members meet your target requirements. Join the local chapters, get involved in them and rub shoulders with your prospects. Exhibit at all the shows and events in these organizations that make sense for you and the services you offer.

For more help and additional sources, read my book, “Opening Closed Doors, Keys To Reaching Hard-to-Reach People” in our Knowledge store at WWW.RICHARDWEYLMAN.COM