Eric, thanks for your feedback. For titles, I would approach it from what the affluent person will gain from the information.

  1. What does the affluent person want to be able to do on a fixed income?
  2. Enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about economic downturns

Have peace of mind to continue to go and do what they want.
To get started, ask your current clients why they selected your fixed income recommendations. What did your recommendations do for them? Then, work this into a seminar title that is interesting and focuses on others achieving those same outcomes. You could even create a series:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Keeping Momentum
  3. Advanced Fixed Income Alternatives

A title that says “Different Fixed Income Strategies That Allow You to Live Life To The Fullest” creates curiosity. Work up four to five different titles. Ask your current clients which ones they would respond to and go with those. Notice, it is not as important to emphasize “alternative” as it is to highlight the benefit!
God bless,