To be successful in calling orphan policy holders:

  1. Call volume should dictate mail volume. Mail each week only those you can call in the next week.
  2. Calling once is not a strategy. Calling each client at least three times increases your success ratio exponentially. Call once on day l and day 2 and day 4.
  3. Messages should be laden with benefits, in other words, not about you, i.e., introduce yourself, review your policy, etc. Instead, focus on them and larger issues to capture attention; for example:…talk with you about changes in today’s insurance environment.…get your input about a new level of service and contact I am bring to the firm, discuss with you the coverage you have and may need and how we can restructure your coverage and get you more for less per thousand. The key is motivate them to return the call.

The orphan policy holder should respond to your message with the thought that: “This could be good. This is important.This is about me. I don’t want to miss this opportunity, etc”.