During the last three months, I have personally spoken to over 150 business owners and professionals about the state of their businesses.  They range from $100 million distribution firms to individuals leading professionals with a $1 million per year practice.  In all cases, when we discussed business performance, each had varied input on what they believed were the keys to moving forward in this economy and beyond.

During the next few performance tips I will share what I discovered.  I will deliver them in the form of an acrostic using the word “PERFORM” and give you action steps to execute them in your business.

Many stated a commitment to working and building a business  or practice that creates and delivers substantial value for consumers was essential.  When I asked why, several indicated they were passionate about what they did.  As a result, they felt their passion gave them a sense of purpose and to accomplish it in good times and bad they had to deliver substantial value to achieve sustainability and/or growth.  Asked whether value equated to price, the response from nearly all was the same.  Price is the driver only when substantial discernable value is absent.  They said that working from purpose relieved them from a sense of working from pricing pressure. 
With this input in mind:

1. Are you clear on why you are doing what you are doing?
2. Are you working from a clearly defined purpose?
3. Are those on your team feeling pressured to perform or have you uncovered their purpose for being a part of your organization?
4. Is your focus on creating substantial value for customers?

These discussions made me reflect and examine our purpose once again.  You would be well served to do so as well.  I know we are passionate and purposeful about elevating our clients’ business performance in today’s marketplace.  What’s yours?  Why?  There is no doubt a clear purpose is the gateway to a superior pattern of performance in any market!

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