Boca Grande, FL ● Providence, RI ● Honolulu, HI – March 15, 2012 – The Weylman Center for Excellence in Practice Management™, a global leader in online education and development for the financial services industry, is proud to announce a state of the art reporting and accountability matrix.

This new matrix now allows managers at all levels including local, regional and corporate to track the usage of Weylman Center content by every individual in their organization. This new one of a kind reporting capability now provides Marketing Directors, Training Directors and Sales Management a complete picture of activities such as assigned courses taken and coursework completed. Further usage can be customized by management into groupings of advisors by LOS, production or tenure as well by specific timeframes ranging from daily, weekly, quarterly or annually.

Laurie Anderson, CFO of The Weylman Center said “This brings accountability and ROI calculations to an entirely new level of specificity for companies and local offices that purchase annual enterprise memberships.”