Marketing Support Center


Your personal Online Marketing Support Center / The Weylman Center for Excellence includes:


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1. Interactive Streaming video coursework delivered by Richard on:

a.      How to Grow Your Business in this Market

b.      Work with Centers of Influence

c.       Socially Prospect effectively

d.      Gain Warm Introductions

e.      Working in Cultural and Charitable organizations

f.        Leading the Marketing Initiative of Your Team

g.      Elevate and Exceed Client Expectations

h.     Recruiting Quality People to your team

i.        And many, many more. Over 40 Courses in Total!


2.  Hot-Linked Research Center with access and information to over 300 Affluent and

Wealthy Marketing segments you can target in Your Community!


3. Hundred’s of proven Marketing Tools to execute your strategies brilliantly!


4. A Library of Audio Scripts, Articles and Tips. (All downloadable and searchable by topic!) 


Yes, all of this for only $100 per person per month!



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