Participant Feedback

“I recommend Richard Weylman  for any type  of meetings an organization is having ,whether they be regional, national or international. Richard has presented to our 8,000 members many times and he always receives rave reviews.” –Bonnie Godsman, Chief Executive Officer, GAMA International

“This year has been transformational due to the Weylman Center usage!  It was truly awesome to have you here!  Great job presenting at our events.” –Scott Newman, Executive Vice President, West Region of AXA Advisors

“Saladmaster has benefited greatly with our relationship with Richard.  His insights and discernment allowed us to more forward quickly with clarity and purpose.  Our organization has seen tangible positive effects along with our Executive Staff.  Would not only recommend but encourage any business organization to work with Richard.  You won’t be sorry.” –Andrew Clarke, Executive Director, Saladmaster

“Richard, I can't thank you enough for all that you did at our convention last week. I was looking for a good hit BUT you gave us a Grand Slam instead. You made the convention the best we ever had. The positive comments just keep rolling in. We will be talking soon. Thank you again,” –John Hassey, President, Sears Home Services and Franchises

“Richard and his associates were instrumental in bringing together the Freddy’s leadership team to verify that our whole system was unified in meeting our company vision and expectations.  He has a unique ability to ask the right questions, probe for answers, and guide the discussion in a manner that uncovered the insights we needed.  The capstone of our project was his presentation of our insights at our franchise conference, where he was able to light an enthusiasm under our franchise community.” –Scott Redler, COO & Co-Founder - Freddy's Frozen Custards and Steakburgers

“Thank you so much for the great visit last week in NC. I have been singing your praises to National and I hope an agreement is reached whereby you help develop curriculum just for Morgan Stanley.” –Autumn M. Buracker - Complex Business Development Manager - Morgan Stanley

“Richard is a grand slam; we love the guy and our firm does as well.” –Phillip C. Richards, CFP, CLU, RHU - Chairman & CEO - North Star Resource Group

“We always appreciated our existing client’s loyalty and their enthusiasm about our First In Math Online program, however, it wasn’t until we worked with Richard and his team that we could articulate what it was we do to earn that trust. Now, with our UVP clearly defined, we are positioned to increase the community of educators who will join us in “Energizing Every Child to Learn, Love and Live Math.”” –Robert Sun, Chairman and CEO - Suntex International

“Richard was the best speaker at our firm's meetings. All 10's.” –Edward Deutschlander, CLU, CLF - CEO Elect - North Star Resource Group

“Our work with Richard Weylman and his team has resulted in a Unique Value Promise that now serves as the unifying concept for our marketing, sales and communications initiatives. With his team’s coaching and support, we applied his well-tested, proven and documented approach to selecting and interviewing clients, analyzing and synthesizing their feedback and then crafted a phrase that captures 25 years of vision and purpose.” –Robert Sun, Chairman and CEO - Suntex International

“Richard was amazing.  He had done so much research and could talk so intelligently about spiral duct (!!!). The Board members are implementing his suggestions on behalf of the association.. So I thank you for helping us bring Richard to our meeting.” –Sylvester Management Corporation - Toni Sylvester

“Richard, Thanks for all your help over the years. Because of your help and the income I made from your help I was able to retire at age 52. Regards, Bill O'Neil” –Bill O'Neill

“Richard Weylman's strategies and verbiage accelerated the entire process and my brand is now known in the legal community here in Austin.” –Erik J. Antener - Vice President, Professional Specialty Group

“My team has grown from doing 250mm in assets in 2006 to over nearly 675mm in assets in 2011. Much of the growth is due to the counsel and advice of Richard Weylman who has helped me in two specific areas: a targeting prospecting strategy and creating real value for the prospect from their perspective.” –Gregory Sarian - Senior VP Investments

“On behalf of all of us at UBS, thank you for a truly memorable presentation at our Wealth Management Solutions Forum. Your insights on practice management gave our advisors a unique opportunity to gather relevant and timely ideas to implement in their business.” –John J. Brown & Brian Hull - Wealth Management Solutions

“Richard, I wanted to let you know that your sessions at Mutual of Omaha's sales conference were by far the most powerful of the week.” –James J. Murphy - Mutual of Omaha

“Thank you for joining us this week at our Annual Meeting and helping us offer an energized closing message. Your presentation on realizing a greater return on investment at the PACK EXPO tradeshow was full of actionable insights that our members can use to prepare for Chicago next month. Thank you for helping us create a great event. It wouldn't have been much of a success without your help.” –Glenn Siegele, Nick Wilson, Chuck Yuska, PMMI

“His presentation was awesome. The consultant presentation got them to think about having a more focused business plan. The client presentation was also well received and many clients and prospective clients talked about how they plan to re-position their message! Thanks a million!” –Brian H. Mennis, Regional VP Investors Group

“Richard, I have heard nothing but great feedback, and the message fit exactly what we are tracking in our Practice Management training.” –Gregg W. Stupinski, Senior VP Morgan Stanley Smith/Smith Barney

“The meeting last week was undoubtedly the best seminar I have attended in years. While I found all of it to be helpful, I enjoyed most of all Richard Weylman's presentation.He helped me to integrate several different aspects of strategies I had read about and wanted to incorporate in my business. He showed me how to duplicate my top clients and get them to introduce me to prospects in a favorable light. I also learned to develop and present an effective communication plan to client/prospects and how to create a true "wow experience" for my clients to convert them into advocates. In addition, I have already begun a plan to create a niche market among my professional clientele, particularly attorneys and doctors. For some time I have struggled with developing an effective elevator speech and now instead I have a very well-crafted Unique Value Promise. I am working now on my 90-day marketing plan and feel that I will be able to take my practice to the next level thanks to you and Richard.” –Bill Matthew, RFC, Next Financial

“Richard Weylman helped our company move from good to great.” –August Cenname, Senior Vice President of Cenname Group

“The retreat was a life changing event for me personally and a game changing event for our team. I.E. To create a distinct culture, live out our brand and create and focus on that portfolio of memories.” –Nick Trojano, VP Treasury Partners, NYC, NY

“Richard, Thank You for teaching us how to elevate our business.” –Nate Armstrong, The Armstrong Group

“Richard, I want to THANK YOU and your staff for the Vertical Relationship Marketing. I have been with American National for over 30 years, agent, home office, MLGA and RD. The VRM is the BEST program that American National has offered, a complete marketing system. My first career, the military, was all about blowing and tearing things up (I was really good at this). With American National I have the chance to BUILD and make a difference. The VRM will help all of us.” –Bob Turgeon,Senior VP American National

“Richard, this is an excellent message, thank you for sharing with me. I appreciate your passion for our agents and your personal commitment to making them successful. I am confident, extremely confident, that the process will work and that our transition from merchandisers to marketers will create countless opportunities for our agents, both present and future.” –B. Gerwel,COO ANPAC

“Richard, It was great to see you again at the Mid-America meeting in Chicago. It was a great meeting. You have made a profound impact in my personal and professional life and in the lives of my team and their clients. Your influence reaches farther than you can imagine. Thank you for your leadership. You definitely 'make a difference'. Thank you!” –Dallas Whitaker, Manager - Financial Services

“To say it simply---'Humanizing corporate marketing and the corporate world.'” –Dima Berdieve, Boston Private Bank & Trust Co.

“Thank you for an amazing job at our client appreciation event last week. It is always a pleasure working with you and thank you for helping us have a successful marketing event. Thank you again!” –C. Ralston, Senior Advisor John Hancock

“Rick Simonton a Merrill Lynch advisor who attended your conference this summer said the meeting was "life changing" and I have witnessed Rick sharing this message with the entire Merrill Lynch Buckeye complex.” –Terry Pettorini, Regional Marketing Director

“Hello All, I just wanted to reiterate how worthwhile Richard's presentation was--certainly one of the most advisor useful speakers I've ever heard!! I will be using several of his ideas in every contact I make. Thanks for bringing him in!” –Bryan Merillat, AXA Advisors

“Richard, Thank you very much for the time you devoted to my team and me today. I am very grateful for the advice you shared with us today and I want you to know you had a real impact on us. Thanks again” –Champ D. Warren III, Merrill Lynch - Private Wealth and Banking Group, Houston TX

“Richard Weylman led my company to rethink the way we will engage our customers in our PACK EXPO booth."” –Nick Wilson, Vice Chairman PMMI, President, Morrison Container Handling Solutions.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to come speak to our agency during our Fall Classic. I have received numerous compliments from my agents who were impressed with your presentation and the wealth of information which they were able to obtain. Your contribution made this event a very special one.” –Richard T. Cleary, John Hancock

“Richard & Team, My coaching experience was very insightful and very inspiring . . . . Now, I have the tools to be confident to move ahead with the market I want to work with. It is very powerful and I am definitely implementing a lot of the strategies . . . . Communication is key in our business - how you say it and how to make an impact with the people you want to pursue - and the words alone I have learned is more than worth the time and money I spent. It will be a life-long weapon I can use again and again in a very professional setting. Thank you Richard. It was a very, very positive experience for me. I really appreciate what you do...and did...” –Marissa, A Financial Advisor

“Thoroughly enjoyed the program today. Richard had a long list of things worth remembering and doing. Plan on signing up to follow his program. Thanks for making this happen. Looking forward to doing business.” –John J. Checki Jr. CPA CFP® CRC®, Securities America, INC

“Thank you for your insights, passion and inspiration (I can't find the best words out of my pumping heart!) that really changed my way of viewing and thinking about the world. Please help me to keep this flame alive. God bless you.” –Gene Song

“Your custom process, greatly improved our understanding and ability to use niche marketing to grow our business. The result has been outstanding.” –Lloyd Lowe Sr., Ld Lowe Sr Financial Advisory

“Without question your focused process forced us to pause and take a humbling, fresh look at our practice and the way we position ourselves in the marketplace.” –C. Max Linder III, Merrill Lynch