Tuesday 26 April 2011

In addition to last weeks 3 key tips for on-boarding for new clients to ensure a seamless and elevated process here are 3 more:

  1. As part of this process, focus not only on the paperwork and forms to be signed but also on the client’s part of your interview – what they enjoy doing, clubs and associations they belong to, family members, hobbies, key dates (birthday, starting own business), how they like to be communicated with, etc.. Again, you model with them in this first meeting how you put a focus on relationships and being aware of and responsive to their needs and interests. Capture all of the personal data and preferences information you collect as part of the on-boarding and get it quickly into their new client file/database.
  2. Be clear with them on next steps – perhaps giving them materials on the firm to take with them, or clarifying what they will receive and when. You should also consider providing them with your “24-hour hotline number” and perhaps an “Owners Manual”.
  3. When possible, have one or more other associates drop in to meet the client to give them a sense of your team. Although this is technically a form-filling event, make it into an experience for the clients such that they walk away feeling energized, confident in your work style and values, and empowered to partner with you in this relationship.

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