In the past many months I have had numerous conversations with managers in all three industry sectors (banking, insurance and advisory) alluding to the fact that they think most advisors will not engage in learning new skills or invest in their own businesses or even be supportive of others.


After nearly 25 years of coaching, counseling and consulting with advisors and their firms I have strongly disagreed. Each of my coaches currently engaged with industry clients across the country would disagree as well based on the strong engagement by those clients and their year-on-year performance improvement (up 27% on average).


Yet many managers still feel that it is what it is, and nothing is going to change. Just as adamantly, I have defended advisors and their desire for growth if given the right tools and relevant actionable coursework.  The last thing advisors are is complacent, what they are is frustrated with the lack of relevant support and actionable initiatives! So let’s prove these managers wrong!


Here is what we can do to prove the advisor’s case, bringing no financial benefit to me but rather to the children at the Smokey Mountain Children’s Home:

STEP 1.      Watch this short clip

STEP 2.      If you are in the majority who want to grow your business with proven approaches and tools, click to Enroll Now

STEP 3.      50% of your total 2014 enrollment fee (if enrolled by 2/28/2014), will be donated by me to the Smokey Mountain Children’s Home, where 90.1% of every dollar goes to support the many orphaned and foster children there who call it home. As an orphan & foster child myself many of you know this work is near to my heart.

STEP 4.      Learn, implement, and elevate your performance!

Please feel welcome to contact my office with any questions.

Thank you for believing in yourself as much as I believe in you.

Sincerely your advocate,


C. Richard Weylman, CSP, CPAE


Smoky Mountain Children’s Home

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