Tuesday 22 March 2011

The last psychological need of the affluent and wealthy is the need for structure. Advisors need to have a plan and a process in place for each client and prospect. This isn’t just a financial plan, but a fully customized and personalized “life plan” to:

  1. Identify the objectives and visions the client has for the future, and
  2. Define the steps the client needs to take to achieve these goals.

In addition, you need to provide clients with a clear plan for how you will interact and work together. Do they know who to contact for administrative queries, versus financial ones? What if they need a recommendation for an estate attorney? Make sure they see you as their central financial resource, not just a custodian of funds.

Ultimately, engaging clients as active participants throughout the relationship provides them with a sense of ownership and motivation to fulfill their end of the bargain. People tend to support what they build. It’s simply the way our minds work.

The key to this series: Revisit each of the last 6 marketing tips and identify what you need to integrate into your practice to master the affluent mind. Place those into your current 90-Day Plan and go forward.

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