Tuesday 15 March 2011

Another need, especially for higher-net-worth clientele, is the psychological need for new experiences and exploration. Clients and prospects want to feel as if their relationship is strengthening the more they interact with you; all good relationships need to progress. Exploration and new experiences can range from educating them about different types of investments, to inviting them to attend interesting events. Hire a golf or tennis pro and invite clients and prospects to come and practice their game at a clinic and meet new people. Take them as a guest to ball games, or cultural and charitable events.

Critically important is to invite clients and prospects to events and activities that fall within their area of interest. I can’t tell you how many times friends of mine have been invited to things that are well outside their interest, or worse yet, lifestyle. One example was a good friend who moved his $7 million because he was tired of being invited to wine tastings by his advisory team. Why? Because they never noted that he repeatedly told them he doesn’t drink! His point was, if they can’t hear and respond to this request, what else are they not listening to!

As I referenced in Part 3 of this series, be sure you know what your clients and prospects value and prefer. Build out that dossier on each of them to market smart!

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