Tuesday 08 March 2011

The fourth psychological need is the need for significance. Clients want to know that their advisor values not just their business, but also their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Ask specific “exploratory questions” that demonstrate this. For example, of all the things they have done in their life, what do they feel has been the most significant or rewarding? If there were three life lessons they have learned and would like to share with others, what would they be? These types of questions help advisors connect with clients and further understand what motivates them.

Also, the creation of client advisory boards, for years panned by so many, now are becoming de rigueur by top advisors. Talk about meaning and significance! There is no substitute for this activity. Whether a client serves on your board or not, the mere fact you have one says that client input means everything to you!

In addition, simply include these questions in every meeting to keep you client-centric in this area: “What are 3 things you would like to discuss?”, and close with “What are 3 things we can do to strengthen our relationship with you?”

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