Tuesday 01 March 2011

Another critical psychological need of the affluent and wealthy is for caring. We’ve all probably heard the adage, “People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” To gain client loyalty, advisors must demonstrate that they care to maintain and deepen the relationship. Sending notes on special days, such as business anniversaries, and creating client appreciation events shows that an advisor doesn’t take the client’s business for granted.

If we have learned anything since 2008, it is the ability of advisors to demonstrate that they take a personal interest in their clients. With today’s database technology, building a dossier on every client and prospect is not only doable, it is smart!

The dossier should include: sports enjoyed, cultural interests, charitable activities, events they would enjoy, financial topics of interest, their favorite beverage, three things they don’t like to do, dates they count as important in their lives, number of service calls they desire per year, etc.

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