In our final PERFORM acrostic segment, the evidence of a real shift by those who are winning business today is moving from merchandiser to marketer. No longer are they merchandising a product, service or process to win business. Rather as scores of business owners reiterated to me the right approach is now that of a marketer. The difference between a merchandiser and a marketer? Merchandiser’s focus on products, marketers focus on people. Their shift has major implications on every aspect of business structure and growth. By focusing on specific groups of people, educational programs and platforms have been rearranged to improve the people skills of customer interfacing personnel, specifically in areas such as demonstrating, understanding, and engagement in customers. Externally no longer are products used to push out or into a market. Rather as many successful business leaders indicated, they were now focusing on messaging the advantage (what people actually can accomplish) of each product or service they offer. This focus results in more pull (inquiries) from qualified buyers.
Importantly, the increase of inquiries results in more business when the same advantage based approach is used in the sales focus. Simply put, they realize that product features (what is it or who you are or have) coupled only with the well worn product benefits is no longer compelling or convincing. Conversely, those who are winning more business in today’s economy are focused on the specific advantages consumers gain from every product, service or attribute they offer.

In Summary:
1. Are you using a product to lead you away into a market? Or are you focusing on what target consumers want to accomplish as your lead?

2. Are you receiving more incoming calls from people who heard about what you have done for others like them?

3. Are you using generic features and benefits of your product line or business as a reason to buy or are you articulating the personalized and humanized advantages of the same?

4. Finally, consider the acrostic and ask yourself what changes have you made in the past several weeks based on the feedback and insight I have gleaned and shared with you from those who are growing significantly in spite of the economy.

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