Tuesday 29 June 2010

The year is half over! What are you doing to make your vision a reality? To solidify growth in life and business requires a clear vision of your goals and dreams. It is vital that you define and continually expand your goals and dreams for your life and business. Begin by taking inventory and answering these questions:

  1. Why am I doing what I do?
  2. Who am I doing it for?
  3. Two things I would like to stop doing are . . .
  4. Three things I would like to learn to do well are . . .
  5. Two areas where I would like to expand my knowledge are . . .
  6. How much more of a difference do I want to make in my own life and business?

Once you have completed your inventory, then create goals and action plans accordingly. A goal should be something that is clearly defined so it can be definitively measured. An action plan divides the process into smaller, easier steps to accomplish.

The key to achieving your goals and visions is to invest the time and resources necessary!

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