Working with Richard

As a best-selling author, media commentator and chairman of an international consulting firm, Weylman Consulting Group,

Richard delivers actionable, real world strategies your audience can use immediately to cope with the new threats and new opportunities every business and sales professional is facing in the 21st century.

Further, as the recipient of the Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE), as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award given to experts who speak and have reached the top echelon of platform excellence, Richard will deliver a fully tailored presentation that will connect you with your audience and elevate their business performance. Please see the topics page here for his latest subjects in high demand.

A True Partnership not just a Presentation

Richard will fully partner with you to achieve your meeting objectives. This begins with a conference call with him and your leadership team conducting the event. He will want to discuss business conditions and specific issues of interest and concern to you.

Richard will then conduct additional research and/or schedule additional calls as required to achieve the outcome desired. Only after this discovery process is completed will he create the actual presentation for your event. 

Free Articles (Pre and Post event)

Richard can provide, upon request and at no charge, a blog post or an article for your newsletter or trade publication or website as a pre-cursor or follow-up to the event.

You can Leverage Richard’s appearance

Richard is available, during the day of his appearance, to meet with key audience members in a private social setting; such as breakfast or lunch at no additional charge. Further, he can conduct a breakout session, emcee or moderate another panel discussion, for a small additional fee.

Yes, Video and Audio Recording is Allowed

Richard allows his messages to be video or audio recorded. Clients are welcome to use them internally after the event. An electronic copy is required to be sent to Richard’s office. He can also create a short promotional video for event attendees which can be posted on your event site. The fee for this promotional video production is $500.

And we will help with the Promotion of your Event

Richard’s team will be delighted to furnish you with an appropriate print biographical sketch, headshot and a synopsis of his fully tailored presentation for your promotional materials and event website.