Tuesday 13 July 2010

Are you really committed to succeeding at what you do? The large majority would say “yes”, but do their actions support that? To truly be successful you must establish and commit to your goals 100%. Anything less will not allow you to achieve what you desire. You must have the mindset of “no excuses-no exception” – that separates the failures from the successes.

If you refuse any thought of an “escape plan” or alternate outcome, you then focus all your energy on going in one direction only – forward to success!

You must be 100% committed to achieving your goals. Under no circumstances, no matter what opportunities arise to be distracted, should you stray from your path. Be sure before you commit to your goals that they are also supported by the significant people in your life such as spouse, family and staff. Once you make the commitment, though, never look back.

You must also be 100% committed to continually improving. Learn from those around you, other more successful business people, reading on various business subjects, and even listening closely to your clients. Continual improvement will assure that you will not be “left behind” with yesterday’s technology, business model, and products.

One last thing – surround yourself with people who think positively. Negativity is not an option for those who are truly successful!

Thanks to Anne Bachrach for her thoughts on this subject.

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