Cutting through the clutter and noise in the marketplace has never been harder.  Yet it has never been more important.  Today many believe and espouse we need more promotion from our marketing people.  Perhaps.  However, never forget David Packard’s words as a co-founder of Hewlett Packard: “Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing people.”

In today’s skeptical, cynical marketplace people ultimately buy you and the experience they have with you and your firm.  If someone you know says, “I like this or I benefited from this”, we seek it out.  But, if an ad or other promotional piece says you will like or benefit from this we don’t believe it.

Being in and promoting into the marketplace is no longer enough.  In this era of business every effort, every resource should be committed to elevating and exceeding customer and prospect expectations, every time, in every way.  From the way the telephone is answered to the ongoing service provided, you influence the word of mouth about you and your organization.

Regardless of your role or position, every interaction influences the decisions of current customers and prospects alike.  To execute brilliantly, never forget in the end people buy you and your organization when they decide to do business with you.  Yes you may have great competency and years of experience as well as great products, however, without a sense of well-being and chemistry even the best prospective customers “keep looking.”

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