On December 30, 1968 Frank Sinatra recorded Paul Anka’s lyrics (talk about an Annuity!) and popularized the tune “My Way” and gave every listener the permission to do things their way. “My Way” is ubiquitous at every retirement party, many funerals and somewhat oddly the bride’s theme song at a wedding I attended.

As we approach the end of the first quarter of the 2014 season, ask yourself are you doing things your way and if so, are you on track to make this year your best yet? Are the things you wanted to accomplish and improve upon becoming a reality or are you still in “hope to do” mode?

Even if things are going your way (another tune to reinforce your way) take a hard look at the following Business Performance Factors and honestly decide if you have put these in place and are continually improving upon them incrementally this season.

1. Is your value promise (not proposition) about the outcome prospects receive by doing business with you or is it about your products, services and attributes?

2. Are you targeting the right buyers, or are you primarily just focused on finding more people to sell?

3. Do you have delighted advocates who bring business to you or simply loyalty neutral satisfied customers?

4. Is your team working on purpose to deliver extraordinary value and elevated experiences or are they continually working under pressure to sell more or gather more assets ?

5. Do your clients and prospects recognize the value you deliver or are your prices or fees in question?

Continual Improvement in these 5 areas will create an amazing transformation in business performance;

  • New prospects will be compelled to inquire.
  • Existing satisfied customers will move from loyalty neutral constituents to delighted advocacy.
  • Your team’s culture & efforts  will be defined by the desire to communicate and live out your

clear promise of extraordinary value.

  • Your marketing will become distinct, your sales process more personalized and your business

Will grow through transformative purpose versus transactional pressure.

Now is the time to assess if doing things your way is getting you where you want to be or is it just helping you justify where you are now.

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