Tuesday 07 September 2010

How many times have you said you “hope” to do something? “I hope I can build my client base.” “I hope I am a top producer this year.” “I hope my AUM will grow.” Unfortunately, “hope” doesn’t help you accomplish what you want to do because that mindset automatically gives you a way out. Hoping to do something sets you up to fail!

Using the phrase “I will” or “I expect”, though, compels us to move forward and take steps to succeed. Being successful requires setting goals, devising a plan to reach those goals, and making a commitment to following that plan. William Arthur Ward, a noted American teacher, said, “People never plan to be failures, they simply fail to plan to be successful.”

Change your mindset, start setting goals and plan to be successful! As General Schwarzkopf said during the first Persian Gulf War, “Hope is not a strategy.”

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