Tuesday 01 February 2011

In this market you must truly practice elevated client service and deliver an elevated experience. Unfortunately, the industry has found comfort in having satisfied clients. The truth is that satisfied clients are loyalty neutral! To suggest that if one does business with you that they will be provided good service falls well short of building and creating delighted advocates. In today’s world, clients and prospects alike expect good service when they purchase anything from a garment to a box of pens. If there is anything wrong, or needed, they want to be serviced. The affluent want to hear from their advisors 12 times per year – 4 of which are quarterly reviews and 2 are face-to-face! Anything short of that creates distress in the clients mind. I’m often told, “Well, I don’t think clients need that much contact.” Maybe yours do, but then again maybe not, but how can you know for sure without asking or presenting a variety of communication models for them to choose from, such as 4 times per year with an annual review?

In addition to a clearly defined communication/service plan, people want an elevated experience when interacting with you and your firm. Simply put, they do not want to be told to “hang on a second” when they call in, or not greeted by others when they walk through the office space with you or a member of your support team. They do want to be served graciously, greeted warmly, walked out of the building, and invited to relevant events based around their passions. Many advisors tell me they don’t think this matters . . . well just think back to the times you received an elevated experience and you will see it from the recipient or client point of view. To win today, as an advisor or support staff member, you must out-behave the competition and elevate the experience.

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