When you sit down to write your end of year charitable giving checks ask yourself a few questions:  

  1. Why do I feel so good giving when I know I will receive nothing tangible in return?
  2. How can I bring my expertise to this organization so they can elevate their services to others?
  3. How can I get my family and team involved here so they see that making a difference is what really makes a life?
  4. How can I structure my giving so it meets the needs of the organizations I support during the month/quarter versus just at the end of the year?
  5. Am I giving gladly or dutifully?

By way of example, we have learned in our organization that cheerful giving and team participation is essential to our corporate health. We contribute each month to the causes important to us. Further, at the end of the year each team member is given an additional stipend to give to the organization of their choice. It has created a culture of purpose versus pressure, and service versus sale with our team.

Giving at any level brings fulfillment to the giver. Most importantly it gives those who give a sense of a bigger life.

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