Tuesday 19 October 2010

American Express did a survey called the “American Express Global Customer Service Barometer” and just released the results. According to the survey, 61% said that quality customer service is more important to them in today’s economic environment and they’re willing to spend as much as 9% more when they believe a company provides good customer service.

Only about 1/3 of those surveyed believe that companies have increased their focus on providing quality service, and 21% believe that companies take their business for granted. This opens up great possibilities for your business in the area of elevating client and prospect service. Set yourself apart by being more pro-active in offering an elevated experience!

Customers are more inclined to talk about a positive experience than to complain about a negative one. Also, 81% said that they are more likely to return after a good service experience compared to those who said they would never return after a poor experience (52%).

How can you offer an elevated experience? Evaluate your client/prospect experience step-by-step from the moment of first contact through the end of a face-to-face meeting. How can you improve the experience for them? Think about your attitude and that of your staff – are you welcoming and friendly? Is your office environment comfortable and inviting? Do you meet their physical and emotional needs before jumping into the “real” reason for being there – the financial side of the meeting? All these things are important to your clients, which means they should also be important to you!

Adapted from The Elite Advisor newsletter, August 17, 2010.

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