Tuesday 23 February 2010

First look through your own top client list and identify each small business owner, professional, or other predominant groups – make appointments with these solid clients and tell them that you are interested in serving as a resource to other individuals like themselves in their sector of the market. For example, in the case of small business owners, they may be fast food operators, plumbers, trucking companies, etc., or if professionals, podiatrists, orthodontists, surgeons, etc., in your area.

Find out what organizations they belong to, whom they consider to be centers of influence, and ask for introductions to peers. Next, set up informational interviews with those centers of influence and find out how they believe you should be a resource to that sector.
Conduct a Google search using keywords that identify the target groups within the sector your top clients you want to target are in. For example, a search using ‘Chicago Interior Designers’ yields the website of the Interior Design Directory of the Illinois Interior Designers, as well as several local and regional interior design merchants in Illinois. The more local contacts your search yields, the better.

Remember, a few hours of time spent on research can deliver great rewards!

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