Tuesday 01 June 2010

One of the negative side effects resulting from the current market climate is burnout. It is an issue that has been around for years but has become more prevalent in recent days. Here are some symptoms to watch for and ways to counteract them:

  • Fatigue or exhaustion – Be sure you are making time for rest and exercise. We are tempted to skip these in order to spend more hours working, but in the long run that is counter-productive.
  • Emotional exhaustion – You might find yourself lacking enthusiasm or even feeling emotionally cold. If you are unable to take time off for a vacation (the best remedy) at least make time for doing things you enjoy and that help you “de-stress”.
  • Isolation – If you feel isolated from others or disconnected from those around you, make a point of initiating contact by complimenting co-workers or family members for their positive achievements and contributions.
  • Feeling unappreciated – When you feel overlooked or unappreciated the negative effect on your morale can then affect all other areas of your life. Look for ways to let your accomplishments be known without seeming to be egotistic.
  • Obsessive – When you find yourself focusing on only one project or area of work it is important to take a break, do something different and restore balance in your life.

Don’t allow the current market condition to ruin all other areas of your life. Fight burnout and find ways to ride out the negative times, looking forward to better times to come!

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