Tuesday 11 January 2011

Plans are formulated and in place for 2011 and many good intentions are set forth and enthusiastically embraced therein. Yet too often these plans, while well-founded, languish in desk drawers, file cabinets and hard drives within a few months of the new year. The age old “business happened and I have been busy” snatches away your dream, vision and thus actions to accomplish your plan.

To solve this problem practice these things:

  1. Self-discipline – Think about the consequences of what happens if you do or don’t execute. Then decide to take action and feel great about every step you move forward.
  2. Flee self-indulgence – Don’t think about how you feel about the actions you have to take or you will let feelings govern. Complacency will set in and the consequences will be just more frustration and self-recrimination.
  3. Take that master plan for 2011 and break it into 4 sequential 90 day tactical plans. Create the first one and every quarter build your next one. Be tactical in what you want to do, identify obstacles up front (be honest here) to accomplish and then specific steps to accomplish.

Executing this process will move you from where you are to where you need to be and should be. In this market doing nothing is not an option!

For a free 90-Day Plan template please select: 90-DAY TEMPLATE

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