Successful people in business today, defined as those who realize the value they bring and deliver to others, have recognized the difference between being busy and being productive. They know that their time is best invested in doing the things that move the business ahead. Whether they are in sales, marketing, administration, service or any other myriad of roles, they have recognized their greatest currency is their time. As a result, they have confronted themselves about wasting time or practicing creative avoidance. Many business owners I spoke with in the past several months have delegated email and meaningless “errands” so they can focus on what they do best. Consequently they are relentlessly focused on productive activity. Those who can’t delegate relegate those activities to non-business growth time periods such as very early or very late in the day.

The clear feedback is that those who are growing have a DAILY plan of exactly what they will accomplish by focusing solely on productive activities. In this economy as in any others, to waste time when there is no time to lose is a recipe for disaster.

What can be learned from this? Are you delegating what you “can do” so you can focus on what you are gifted to do? Are you steadfastly guarding against time wasting activities, also known as “creative avoidance”, (getting the mail, running an errand, etc.) to be sure you are always productive, not just feeling busy?

Finally, are you putting in enough real effort to get to where you want to be . . . or just enough to justify where you are now? We are two-thirds of the way through the 1st quarter of 2012. If you have momentum, increase it….if you don’t have momentum, lose no time in getting it!

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