Tuesday 24 August 2010

Think about the last time you were given great service. How did it make you feel? Appreciated? Respected? Special? I’m sure it made you want to continue to patronize that business. It seems the best kept “secret” to retaining client loyalty is great service. The vast majority of clients who take their business somewhere else say they are moving due to lack of service. Sadly, it’s not that difficult to provide an elevated experience for your clients.

  • Consider how you interact with your clients from their viewpoint. It proves to them that we truly care when we display an understanding of their concerns and frustrations.
  • Realize that every interaction with your client is an opportunity to elevate their experience with your business. From the first contact to the final goodbye as they leave, you can make a great impression, or a poor one. The decision is yours!
  • Sometimes the smallest things can create a big “wow” on the part of the client. Just remembering personal details such as anniversaries, children’s names, personal beverage preferences, etc. mean a great deal to the average client because it shows an attitude of respect and caring.

Elevating the experience by providing excellent service requires planning ahead and training your staff to be aware of the “little” things. But, by making excellence a habit, you will achieve the ultimate result – unparalleled customer loyalty! They will not just be satisfied clients, but delighted advocates!

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