Tuesday 28 September 2010

We all face challenges of one kind or another. Here are some insights on ways to deal with specific challenges you may face.

  1. Working too long, too hard or both. First, take stock of where you want to be in 2 or 4 years. Then make changes in your physical area and your processes to allow yourself to work more efficiently in less time. This means deciding what is truly important to you socially, mentally, physically, spiritually, morally, etc.
  2. Feeling overwhelmed because you are trying to do everything yourself. Delegate! Hire an assistant or bring in an intern. If you don’t invest in services to you, growth is impossible!
  3. Using ineffective business practices. Make use of new technologies to simplify your life. Define responsibilities for yourself and each member of your team to prevent duplication of efforts.
  4. Feeling bored. When times are slow it is easy to become bored. Instead seize this opportunity to do more prospecting!
  5. General stress. Reduce your overall stress levels by using your time more effectively, keeping a balance between all areas of your life (work, family, social), and getting regular exercise.

How we deal with the challenges in our life says a great deal about how successful we will be. Too many people allow their personal challenges to overrun their lives. The truly successful person learns to manage the challenges that appear in their life and use those challenges to grow and mature!

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