Consistency in customer centricity doesn’t happen by chance .It requires purposeful execution.

Make all of your expectations are known and taught to every individual currently in your organization and to those who will join in the future.

Write all your elevated customer experience protocols into your policy and procedures manual and educational coursework.  Most importantly, continually educate every member of your team so they have the knowledge and confidence to elevate every customer interaction. Educate not once, not twice, but on an ongoing basis — just as the Ritz-Carlton does.


In addition to your policy and procedures manual and educational coursework, publish your own internal “How We Treat Clients “statement and provide leadership and education around each aspect for everyone in your organization.


Here is ours:


How We Treat Clients (aka our client’s bill of rights)


  1. I will always be aware that clients are counting on me.
  2. I will get to know each client personally and create valued clients for life.
  3. I will seek to provide guidance in all situations.
  4. I will use humor when under pressure.
  5. I will not speak negatively of anyone — ever.
  6. I will never display anger.
  7. I will respond to all communications immediately, whenever and wherever possible.
  8. I will protect the privacy and security of all clients and their issues at all times.
  9. I will be friendly and approachable and continually seek to exceed my clients’ expectations.
  10. I will place the client’s interest first above the firm’s providing it is an ethical request.


Having published core values regarding customer experiences places you out front of issues before they arise. Not doing so will lead to situations and circumstances where you have fallen behind with you constituents. Do so at your own peril.


Actions Required


  • What are your service and customer experience values?
  • Do you have a published manual of customer centric policies and procedures for your business?
  • What are you doing to consistently lead and educate your team to exceed client expectations?
  • If a new person joined your organization how would they know your customer experience protocols?


For assistance with the creation of your How We Treat Customers statement and/or development of an educational curriculum contact Teri @ or call 800-535-4332

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